100% Pure Argan Oil


Organic Argan Oil

Traced back to the 11th century were first mentioned in letters and international trade documents written by a well-known Egyptian doctor Ali Radouane for its medicinal purposes. Moroccan oil is one of the few still living tree species from the tertiary era (over 65 million years ago) and well noted for legendary and medicinal purposes. This Mediterranean secret is historically considered a real “liquid gold” that possesses a thousand health benefits.

High in anti-oxidants, possess anti-aging properties rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Our argan oil hair benefits are multiple, highly recommended as a daily treatment.

                                           Key Highlights

  •  Instantly penetrates into the hair shaft without weighing hair down
  •  Protects against heat appliances hair loss and chemical damage
  •  Ideal for use with flat irons, blow dryers and other heat appliances
  •  Instantly repairs and adds revitalization to dry, damaged, frizzy hair.
  •  Visible reduction in continued damage of course wrinkles and fine lines
  •  Reduces visible scars left by acne or chicken pox, moisturizes dry skin
  •  Hydrates and conditions the skin, protects skin elasticity

Our premium argan oil for hair benefits clinically proven, and possess anti-aging properties, controls and prevents acne outbreaks and keeps the skin from bein oily, guaranteed to keep your hair and skin nourished, easily absorbs into skin to give you a youthful appearance with a healthy glow.

Formulated without: parabens, synthetic fragrances, triclosan, synthetic dyes, sulfates, petrochemicals, phtalates

All purchases of our Bio Follicle brand are backed by a 365-day Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee


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6 reviews for 100% Pure Argan Oil

  1. Josh T.

    This seems to be one of high grade and quality, helped me considerably with my facial breakouts, I believe in this product, and will continue using it along the way.

  2. Carlo C.

    All Biofollicle products seem to be major premium range, I just decided to leave another review on this company and again so impressed, they have a variety of hair and skincare options and everyone I have used are excellent, argan oil must have for the face, work well on hair too for moisture just as it does on dry skin problems,

  3. James J.

    Biofollicle Argan Oil is part of my Winter Storm survival Kit. Thanks to Biofollicle

  4. Jenuja T.

    One little drop of this applied my natural tresses made my hair shiny and I received numerous compliments. I am always skeptical because the market is saturated by so many oils, but this brand is not only the real thing, but can also be used for the skin.

  5. Kendrick J.

    Loved this oil. Made my dry hair moisturized with a wonderful natural sheen, also it’s quite reasonably priced compared to others of this caliber. All natural organic without any extra unnecessary ingredients. D

  6. Daniel S.

    I found the biofollicle argan oil to exceed my expectations in terms of how it made my skin feel, and above all look !

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