Dry Hair Loss Prevention Complete System

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Plant Derived Bio Follicle Dry Complete HSS

Active ingredients include: Organic Rosemary, Peppermint, Cayenne, Tea Tree Herbs, Argan Oil, Vitamin B5

Dry Hair Treatment Product Complete Package – Specifically formulated for dry or course hair textures.

  •  Stabilizes Early Stages Androgenic Alopecia
  •  Provides Essential Nutrients to Stop Continuous Hair Loss
  •  Creates an environment conductive to hair regrowth
  •  Composed of Botanical and Organic Ingredients
  •  100% Safe with No Significant Unwanted Side Effects

No animal by-products, artificial colors, perfumes, parabens, petrochemicals, SLS free (Sodium Laurel Sulfate)

All purchases of our Bio Follicle brand are backed by a 365-day Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If not satisfied simply return the unused portion or empty bottle for a full refund (less s/h) it’s as simple as that!

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7 reviews for Dry Hair Loss Prevention Complete System

  1. Hilda

    My edges are starting to grow back, I’m encouraged by this.

  2. Tami T.

    I have been wearing a weave which didn’t allow me to use hair products, but tired of that fake stuff and grateful for your product to help me get back to the real me. Telling others .Stay blessed and thanks

  3. Umashankar M.

    Simply an amazing product, I found great results in less than 4 months, experiencing new growth and my hair no longer falls out as before.

  4. James S.

    I love the Biofollicle Hair Support System because it works, particularly if you’re having problems with your edges or hair shedding in general, Biofollicle had a rather quick impact of my hair in less than 4 weeks. I was experiencing some hair loss along my edges and found out about Biofollicle online and noticed that there claims were all-natural hair loss prevention so I decided to try them out and was extremely pleased with the results, I highly recommend this product!

  5. Cor W.

    I love deep cleansing products. I feel like it really takes out all the toxins out of my hair. When I used this product for the first time my hair felt super cleansed & lightweight. I usually have to wash my hair every week, & when I first used this I was able to go two weeks without having to wash my hair. Totally amazed by such a product. & A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!

  6. Michael W.

    There is no product out on the market that is giving these kind of results. The shampoo and conditioner are an amazing revitalizing combination and the spray is the icing on the cake. It leaves your hair not only feeling fresh but looking strong and healthy as well. I recommend this product to anyone experiencing hair loss of any kind.

  7. Ray F.

    I am generally not one to leave reviews on products, but this product deserves it. The short of it: This stuff is amazing, re-growing hair where it had receded and reducing the amount of hair shedding. As for their customer service, they have repeatedly proven themselves as a customer’s first. The long of it is below: As a 30 year old woman, I found myself with some serious life stress a significant physical injury, both of which were straining my body. I started losing hair by the handfuls, and for someone who once had super thick long locks, this was devastating. I visited a dermatologist, and her answer was that after these stresses were over, I would see an end to this ‘natural shedding’. Fast forward two years, though I was recovered from my injury and no longer suffering the emotional stress, I had not seen a change in the hair loss. I now had a receding hair line on either side of my forehead and my hair was significantly thinner. Return trips to the dermatologist proved a waste of time and money, they had no explanation and suggested items such as Rogan for women. I did not want to subject myself to the chemicals in products like that. After a lot of searching I found Bio Follicle, and decided to give it a try. I am so thankful I did. When I started using the product I was applying twice a day every day. Not too long after I noticed regrowth starting where it had receded on my hair line. The amount of hair I was losing decreased significantly. I continue to use the product, although usually only once a day. There is no getting back the super thick hair of my youth, but thanks to this product I was able to get back the hair that I lost at my hairline and reduce the overall loss. Don’t be fooled by the small ounce sizes, the bottles last a long time, even when applying twice a day. As for the customer service, twice now I have had stellar experiences. Most recently Nick spent a large amount of time trying to help me, more impressive; some of it was on his personal time. On another occasion I accidently had the product shipped to an old address, and they resolved that perfectly as wel. Both this product and company are 5 stars!

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