Lemongrass & Sage Conditioner


  •  Certified Cruelty-Free, pH Balanced, Gluten-Free
  •  Aromatherapy 100% Organic Plant Derived Ingredients, Antioxidant Rich
  •  Protects Color, Help Instantly Repair Damaged Hair, Restores Moisture, Balances Shine and Manageability
  •  Exceeds EU Cosmetic Directive Guidelines
  •  Sulfate-Free Hair Growth Product
  •  No Petroleum Products, Sulfates, Parabens, Synthetic Fragrance, Synthetic Dyes, Petrochemicals

(Preservative Complex from Plant Sources)


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2 reviews for Lemongrass & Sage Conditioner

  1. James J.

    The shampoo left my scalp feeling slightly tingly. The conditioner is not quite as rich as what I normally use on my hair, but the formula still left my hair feeling soft and conditioned. http://www.momalwaysfindsout.com/2013/05/aromatherapy-shampoo/

  2. Jenuja T.

    I found love under new management, Biofollicle rosemarymint shampoo & lemongrass conditioner (luv luv luv it.

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