Premium After Shave Serum

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This Product Works, Its just that Simple!

Our fast-acting proprietary blend– 100% Plant derived formulated in optimal proportions.

Consisting of wild  crafted botanical’s grown in their natural environment  harvested sustainably without the use of any chemicals.

unisex After Shave Serum with botanical oils that lightly hydrate and balance skin while pacifying post-shave irritation and aggravation.

  • Reduces appearance of unsightly razor burns, bumps, and redness from shaving, waxing and electrolysis
  • For men’s faces, necks, and women’s leg s, underarms, and bikini lines
  • No sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, preservatives


Key ingredients :

Manuka oil- filled antibacterial properties, scientifically proven in stabilizing bacterial growth

Tea Tree oil- a natural antiseptic based upon it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties

Lavender oil- highly proven by natural practitioners to in healing damaged skin

Aloe Vera- a traditional remedy for soothing irritated skin, consisting of vitamin A and C highly anti-inflammatory

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3 reviews for Premium After Shave Serum

  1. Cindy S.

    I’ve had razor bumps in my bikini area for some time and I pretty much tried everything on the market to no avail. I happened to find out about this serum and decided to give it a try why not I’ve tried everything else. I must say I was quite pleased and surprised about the efficiency of how well and quickly this product relieved my issues with razor bumps wihen everything else I tried failed I would highly recommend this for anyone dealing with this type of situation.

  2. Dorian F.

    I love this product, it’s seriously changed my skin! I’ve always had razor bumps from shaving my armpits and bikini area, but after using this After Shave Serum for a week my skin is completely smooth, no more ingrown hairs or bumps! My only complaint is that it has a very strong scent, but that doesn’t bother me because so effective

  3. Terry R.

    I’m actually one of the guys on the before and after pictures and proud to provide evidence about this product less than a week results, this “shit” really works for real!

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